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I’m Ben Gabriel. I’m a media critic and an artist. I’ve also occasionally been known to go by Zack Fair

As a critic, I primarily focus on genre and labor across media. I blog at Uninterpretative and Short on Games. I’ve been published in Strange Horizons, The New Inquiry, Memory Insufficient, and the Bygone Bureau. I’ve also written copy for musicians like Sole & the Skyrider Band and Kaigen, and have technical writing experience. For any inquiries, please email uninterpretative[at]

To review a complete list of my published works, click here.

I’ve also been active as an artist for a number of years. I’ve made work as a musician, a performance artist, and a game maker. I run a netlabel at Fuck the Polis, and host my games at Diamondine.

For selected works, I have a portfolio available.

My first book, 3 Years in Film, is a collection of essays about films from 2012 through 2014. It is now available for purchase.