Dust City by Kitty Horrorshow
The Moonlit Tower by Yoon Ha Lee
Supermoons by Lana Polansky
Rituals by Oleomingus
The Rats in the Walls by Shilov
Mystery Channel by thecatamites
Real Folk Blues by Jord Farrell
Lullaby for a Heartsick Spacer by merritt kopas
A(s)century by Austin Walker


Eco Fighters by Capcom
Room of 1000 Snakes by The Arcane Kids
Crypt Community by Avery Mcdaldno & Karl Parakenings
Stick Shift by Robert Yang
Chocolate by Talha Kaya
Wolfgirls in Love by Kitty Horrorshow
D by Kenji Eno
Line Crossing by Aeryne Wright
You, Me, and the Cubes by Kenji Eno
Winterstrike by Yoon Ha Lee
Chain Blaster by G-STYLE
Helix by Michael Brough
Grassfires of Veldstar by Porpentine
Frail Shells by From Smiling
After The Credits by Acid Wizard Studio
Evoland by Shiro Games
Mystery Tapes by Strangethink
Art Game by Pippin Barr
Ritual by Lana Polansky
Tribal & Error by Grotman Games
Uni by Ryan Rosaceae
Engare by Mahdi Bahrami
Gathering Sky by A Stranger Gravity
Blush or Burn by Kim Hoang
60 Seconds! by Robot Gentlemen
Abzû by Giant Squid
Seven Day Band by Jeff Lait
Crypt Worlds by Lilith Zone

Games of the Year

Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival by Nintendo
Bellular Hexatosis by Porpentine & Neotenomie
Way to Go by AATOAA
Splatoon by Nintendo
Obéissance by merritt kopas
Super Mario Maker by Nintendo
Trigger by Amy Dentata
Downwell by moppin
Stick Shift by Robert Yang
We Know the Devil by Aevee Bee & Mia Schwartz


Tap My Katamari by Bandai Namco
Anatomy by Kitty Horrorshow